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Every process is completed in one place.

Warehouse and Inventory Management Planning is a vital strategy to help businesses succeed and can compete with contenders. Therefore, the warehouse is the most important of the logistic. The management system must have various essential elements involved—required a quality system, a modern technology system, complete equipment, and professional personnel. These three things must work to be consistent because Happy Delivery has ready and professional expertise. It can help customers save time, reduce operating costs and improve efficiency, correctness, and exactness to work, including using the API system to manage orders that support operational back-office with customers.

Because we are a comprehensive online warehouse management service (Fulfillment Service) that supports entrepreneurs, both retail business, online vendor, and large businesses.

Warehousing Advantages

    Eliminating Warehouse or Property Investment

    Space Rental Availability (for every cargo need)

    Efficient Manpower Cargo Handing (for both in and out movement)

    Cargo Loss or Damage Guarantee

    Fire Protection System

    Pest Control and Protection System

Our Service

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Why Choose Us ?

 We always realize our customers’ requirements and listen to their voices.
   We are dedicated to the service that exceeds our customers’expectations every time.
   We are a logistics service provider that customers can be entrustment.
   We are a company that creates excellent standards. Our customers receive excellent services at affordable prices.
   We provide a service that is a valuable investment to our customers.
   We are ready to advise customers to get the best service.
   The products arrive at the recipient’s hand within the specified time “At the right place, At the right time.”
   Customers will receive products in perfect condition. It will definitely not be damaged.
   Our service must be of the most efficient in terms of time, cost, and quality.

Are you tired of these problems?

    High turnover rate, it makes you work intermittently and always have to teach them.
    A frequent job change that makes the job intermittently, lack of expertise and experience. At the same time, the Company will have to pay employees’ salaries, including various benefits.
    Low productivity of staff affects delay in projects and submitted work is not as scheduled.
    Cannot found the product and didn’t know about the product’s location.
    A mistake when picking and packing.
    Customer usually complaints about delivery errors.
    It is complicated to manage the inventory.
    Inventory counting never coincides.
    High inventory volume.
    Unknown shelf-life product, the product expired before selling.
    Products are lost or damaged, the employee suddenly resigned. The company must bear the cost of lost or damaged products that makes many times, the supervisor unable to take responsibility and makes them resigned.
    Other problems from the inefficient operation and lack of work indicators.
    Unable to calculate warehouse management costs and cannot find a way to save costs.

Without all these problems

only you give Happy Delivery an alternative for entrepreneurs who want to make their investment as worthwhile as possible. Affordable prices for your business, can hire professionals with ” Know-How and Technology” like us, value for money, right in time. In case of your not satisfied, we will change and find a new one at any time.

If you are running an online selling business and be complicated.

Today, Happy Delivery has a solution that will make you more convenient and easier because we are a comprehensive online warehouse management service provider (Fulfillment Service) that “Arranged – Packing – Delivering, every process is completed in one place.” We are ready to advise with care and help online vendors with a professional team.


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