Business Performance

Happy Delivery Co., Ltd.

Happy Delivery or Happy Delivery Co., Ltd. has started from which we saw that “All business must have logistics.” Therefore, while globalization has a significant impact on changing Thailand’s logistics business, many companies have realized and tried to build a solid foundation to support the change. As the same time, many companies remained stationary until there were swallowed up as part of a foreign company.

With the executives’ vision, we recognize the opportunity and importance of inventory management systems and transportation systems have affecting business operations in every field. Because nowadays, many companies and organizations have started to adopt different policies to reduce operating costs and reduce personnel management, with the recognition of this demand and more than 15 years of experience combine with the technological innovation and commitment to develop and improve the service in every process.

Therefore, the Happy Delivery Co., Ltd was officially established under the concept of “We are a professional and comprehensive Thai nationality’s logistics service provider.” We provide warehouse rental service, warehouse management service and cargo transportation service. We are proud to say that “Our services have the same potential as foreign companies.” because we know “The logistics business is more than just a transportation or storage business.” So, choose our Happy Delivery as your happiness creator and be part of your business.

Warehousing Advantages

Unlimited storage space

  Eliminating Warehouse or Property Investment

  Space Rental Availability (for every cargo need)

  Pay as you store, can greatly reduce costs and not hidden cost

  Easier to reach customer

  Efficient Manpower Cargo Handing (for both in and out movement)

 Cargo Loss or Damage Guarantee

  Fire Protection System

  Pest Control and Protection System

Why Choose Us ?

 We always realize our customers’ requirements and listen to their voices.
   We are dedicated to the service that exceeds our customers’ expectations
every time.

   We are a logistics service provider that customers can be entrustment.
   We are a company that creates excellent standards. Our customers receive
excellent services at affordable prices.

   We provide a service that is a valuable investment to our customers.
   We are ready to advise customers to get the best service.
   The products arrive at the recipient’s hand within the specified time
“At the right place, At the right time.”

   Customers will receive products in perfect condition. It will definitely
not be damaged.

   Our service must be of the most efficient in terms of time, cost, and quality.

Brand Journey

From the beginning of the transportation business for over 15 years in operating the logistic business, we lead to the continuous expansion and development of the organization to become Happy Delivery, a comprehensive logistic business operator that receives entrustment by customers one of the most in Thailand.


Goal in the Future

“Our commitment to continuous improvement.”

Happy Delivery Company Limited aims to raise the management quality standards equal to leading international companies. And focusing on bringing modern technology to the most advantage of the organization in the Warehouse Management System, Transportation Management System, and Human Resources to be effective, because we are a logistics service provider which “Managed by Thai, A business of Thai and Developed by Thai.”

Management System

In addition to personal and equipment development, we are committed to bringing in technology to manage the processes. We have developed the product management and transportation management program from direct experience to be consistent with the work, the product and respond to specific customers’ requirements with our team of programmers who are a software development registered with the Department of Intellectual Property. No matter what program the customer uses, you can be easily linked to our system by API connection.


WMS (Warehouse Management System)

It starts with receiving the product, product storage, disbursements and until the product leaves from the warehouse. And we are relentless in software development

    Wherever are the customers live, you can check the status and movement accurately of the product all 24 hours.
    To increase efficiency, speed ​​up and reduce errors, customers can connect with API (Application Programming Interface) to exchange information from the system that the customer works with the WMS.
    Customers can open orders by themselves through the online system.
    Customers can jointly design various report formats as customers’ requirements to be utilized in further.

TMS (Transportation Management System)

It has been developed and used to increase the reliability in transportation systems, affecting customers’ satisfaction and trust through monitor the delivery process in

real-time at anywhere and 24 hours. Systematically transportation tracking will reduce errors from traditional operations and help transportation be the most efficient. Importantly, it can bring the data from collect storage in the TMS system for various business analysis. We developed TMS software for our transportation management system, enabling us to improve and develop the system consistent with the customer’s business.

Standard & Certificate

    A service that brings happiness to business and raises the standard to be equal to leading foreign companies. We have managed the operation under the quality management standard of ISO 9001. It is an international standard that worldwide businesses prioritize to excellence’s quality and efficiency of operations within the organization.

    We have managed the operation under the GMP standard to ensure that the customer’s products are stored and maintained to be secure and have the quality to meet the standards in every process. So, the consumers will receive a product or merchandise that is safe and have a quality.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

When customers have any questions or need any other assistance, we are willing to listen to our customers’ voices because we know, even if you plan to work or provide a service excellently, no business does not have a problem.
Therefore, we realize the primary function of service is to support creating good experiences and fun from delivery or receiving products from the customer. We recognize that service is not just about providing answers but also about being an important part of your brand to deliver to the customer and your business’s success, because the work that we provide is straightforward to make an impression on customers, including the customer’s suppliers. Consequently, “Conquering the hearts of customers is the primary mission of our services.”

    We focus on dealing with our customers effectively and receiving correct and exact information.
    We treat our customers with willingness and enthusiasm.
    We pay attention to what customers request and not be weary of customer requirements.
    We have various communication channels with our customers such as email, line, system or even a private group line of customers.
    We have a team that monitors and responds quickly to help customers fix any problem, 24 hours.
    We communicate with customers honestly to get the trust of customers.