Provide a comprehensive warehouse management service.

We do it instead of you every process. Customers assure that you will receive the right value, right place,
and right time through
 the technology and modern equipment. We provide professional personnel under
the concept of a Multi-Customer or Space
 Sharing Platform. We are a warehouse that combines multiple
customers into the same storage through various storage
 models to support all product varieties and
dimensions, whether it is Flooring storage, Micro Rack and Selective Rack
 storage or Cool Room Storage.

(Flooring storage)

(Micro Rack and Selective Rack)

(Cool Room Storage)

Storing Products

  The product storage has standardized through the GMP system is secure and inexpensive.
    With our professionalism, we design product management according to customer requirements, including a variety of products. Even the Last In-First Out Management (LIFO), First In- First Out Management (FIFO), store with separately LOT Number and arrange with expiration date storage.
    Real-Time system via mobile phone to check the balance in your inventory, and notification when product almost out of stock.
    Reduce the time and the process by using the API, the back-office system working combine with the customer.

Picking and Packing Product

Customers can send or open orders through the system every day via an API connection-reduce time, quickly and accurately by confirming the product’s validity through the barcode system on the storage shelf of every product.
    Order management.
    Arrangement of products according to the purchase order.
    Provide equipment for product packaging (sachets and boxes) according to standard size and special sizes as suitable for the product.
    Urgent order and special-order service.
    Product management into modern trade malls and department stores. When you have an order, you can key orders through the system and attach PO files, print out the purchase orders (PO), coordinate destination and pick-up point, make an appointment for delivery, receive product and returned products.

Special Service

The service fee is assessed from the complicated work characteristic and agreed to the price in advance before deciding.
    QC checks the condition of the product since receiving the product to the inventory.
    Attaching labels, sticking FDA & OCPB stickers, and change the product label.
    Repacking product.
    Arrange the product’s assortment.
    Arrange the product followed with seasonal.
    Packing with the bubble, bow tie or discount coupon attached.
    Serial Number Record.
    IMEI Number Record.
    Other requirements based on your needs.